Short Stories


These are things with plot and character development and a basic ignorance of good grammar.


Astronaut and Blur (Corner Bar Magazine)

Portal opens. Stoner enters.


The Bronze Man and the Second Son (You Are Here: Tales of Cartographic Wonders)

Subarctic village. Golem explorer. Expedition north.


Coming Downer (Inscape 2017)

Psychedelia descending. Realization intrudes.


Drops (FunDead Publications)

Strange rain. Terrible consequences.


Hangtree (Forty Flashes)

Quest for magic. Baptism by branch.


The Honked (Corner Bar Magazine)

Heavy traffic. Reluctant driver.


The Hoop (The Ginger Collect)

1950s Appalachia. Horrific violence.


Little Green Knights (600 Second Saga) [podcast/audiobook]

A boy falls. Subterranean adventure.


The Popping (Funny in Five Hundred)

Lovers reunite. Much pus.


The Scamp Saves the Day (The J.J. Outré Review)

Movie theater. Gangsters. From out the silent screen.


She Wore A Silver Bullet (Cheapjack Pulp)

Western town. Strange woman. Hunting monster.


Smoke is My Shadow (Crimson Streets)

Private detective. Explosion. Superpowers.


Sparrow Killer (Aphelion)

Bloody robbery. On the run. Dark lord.


Two Tylers (WOLVES Magazine)

Resentment. Doubling.


Why They Lost Their Deposit (three minute plastic)

A map. A wall. Ab surd.


The World’s First Intervention (Story Shack)

Cavemen. A noted weed.