This is prose humor. It is way more pretentious than standup comedy and not nearly as funny as the dirty cartoon your uncle showed you at Christmas. Less racist though.


1st Annual Bowlies Awards (Pickle Fork)

10 Things to Do Instead of Going Out to Get a Pack of Cigarettes (The Higgs Weldon)

18th Century Tinder Message (The Reject Pile)

Assorted Advertising Ideas (The Dirty Pool)

The Beginning is Nigh (The Higgs Weldon)

Evidence That Our Timeline Has Been Tampered With (Defenestration)

Golf Cart Driver

The Hipster Gnomes Next Door Are Having A House Party Again (The Community Heckler)

How to Be a Folksinger (If You Don’t Sing or Play Guitar) (Robot Butt)

Jobs Our Resurrected Lord Couldn’t Keep (The Higgs Weldon)

Kevin in the Tree (Menacing Hedge)

The Lost Films of Clyde Clack

Not So Great Moments in Anarchist History (Decasp)

Schedule of Events for National Superhero Police Confidant Convention (The Big Jewel)

Screenplays I Wrote When I Was A Teen (Defenestration)

So You Wanna Be A Court Jester (Decasp)

Ten Step Plan to Dominating the Grapevine Tree Market

Things to Do With Things You’re Not Doing Anything With (Robot Butt)

Times You Embarrassed Your Monkey (Defenestration)

We Should Ban Marvin From the House (The Dirty Pool)

Welcome to Neckbeards Anonymous (Robot Butt)