This is prose humor. It is way more pretentious than standup comedy and not nearly as funny as the dirty cartoon your uncle showed you at Christmas. Less racist though.



The Big Jewel

My Mustache Wrote This Essay

Schedule of Events for National Superhero Police Confidant Convention


The Bigger Picture

Lessons I’ve Learned From 1950s Porno Novels

My Frenemy Made A Movie And I Like It


The Community Heckler

The Hipster Gnomes Next Door Are Having A House Party Again



Not So Great Moments in Anarchist History

So You Wanna Be A Court Jester



Evidence That Our Timeline Has Been Tampered With

House: The Restaurant

Screenplays I Wrote When I Was A Teen

Times You Embarrassed Your Monkey


The Dirty Pool

Assorted Advertising Ideas

How About You or You or You as Glenn Woods

We Should Ban Marvin From the House


The Higgs Weldon

10 Things to Do Instead of Going Out to Get a Pack of Cigarettes

The Beginning is Nigh

Jobs Our Resurrected Lord Couldn’t Keep


Jokes Review

The Raccoonist


Little Old Lady Comedy

Cup of Bro’s: The Coffee Shop For Regular Dudes (Mostly White)

Emails From A Comic Book Store To A Bookstore With A Comic Book Section

Evidence Cavemen Invented Standup Comedy

A Week in the Feed of a Standup Comedy Scene’s Facebook Group


Menacing Hedge

Kevin in the Tree


Pickle Fork

1st Annual Bowlies Awards

My Sexist Father Married A Good Female Driver

Weird Cowboy Aphorisms


Points in Case

Advice From One Mad Scientist To Another

Mistakes I Made Babysitting My Girlfriend’s Guinea Pigs

My Car Is Dead But My Soul Is Alive


The Reject Pile

18th Century Tinder Message


Robot Butt

How to Be a Folksinger (If You Don’t Sing or Play Guitar)

Our Small-Town Harvest Festival Isn’t That Creepy, Nosy Stranger

Things to Do With Things You’re Not Doing Anything With

Welcome to Neckbeards Anonymous



Our Common Family Names And What They Imply About Us

Steps I’ve Taken To Keep My Spending In Check


Waxing Humorous

The Last Arcade Repairman





American Ruffalo

Golf Cart Driver

I Forced A Bot To Write My Girlfriend A Love Note

The Kentucky Crawdad War

The Lost Films of Clyde Clack

Ten Step Plan to Dominating the Grapevine Tree Market

Walking with Dinosaurs Really Turns My Girlfriend On