My name is Lee Blevins. I used to write short stories and humor pieces. This website used to function as a sort of online bibliography. Apologies if that’s what brought you here – it’s a different website now.

I’ve shifted focus back onto one of my first loves in life: history. Specifically, Kentucky history and my family history. My ancestors on all sides have lived in Northeastern Kentucky for well over a hundred years.

My maternal grandmother and my paternal grandfather were both researchers and a lot of what I’ve been doing is building off of the work they have previously done.

It’s all amateur history but I take it seriously and I believe in checking your sources and sharing them. Local history is full of little dramas and moments that have fallen out of the public consciousness. Family history is as well.

I was born in Morehead, Kentucky. A lot of the research I do involves Rowan County and the counties near it, especially Carter, Elliott, and Lawrence Counties, where a lot of my ancestors were from.