Appalachian Crime: The Big Pinch


My new crime story “The Big Pinch” is up at Story and Grit. It’s a small-scale sleazy affair of two hillbilly stoners trying to rip off their dealer. Inspired by the dumb low lifes of Coen Brothers and Elmore Leonard and the spare prose of minimalism.

The story’s skeleton is at least five years old. I first came up with it as an idea for a short film. Me and my very talented documentarian college professor Steve Middleton had been talking about doing something maybe and this was the idea I had.

At that time, the idea went nowhere. We were both busy and we both lost interest in it. But years later I was able to repurpose the idea into a short story.  I find that happens a lot to me – sometimes my ideas need to fail once and gestate more to live again.

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