Death of an Unnecessary Pseudonym

I created a pseudonym for the classic reason: not enough markets. There several prose humor markets but not many in the grand scheme of things and sometimes I’m sitting around waiting for my various submissions to move through the slush before I can submit again.

Thus Glenn Woods was born. Well, the name Glenn Woods was born a long, long time ago as a potential pseudonym. My grandparents lived in Glenwood Hollow and it seemed like a nice Stephen Kingian name for potential pulp horror stories.

I used the pseudonym twice. The first time I used it to submit to an online magazine a friend of mine co-edited (I didn’t want to only get accepted because she knew me). Ultimately, I used my real name when it was published. That story is “The Hoop” on The Ginger Collect.

The second (and last) time I used Glenn Woods was for an online humor magazine in which I’d already been published two times in basically that many months. I didn’t want to seem like I was hogging all the space. That piece is “How About You Or You Or You” on The Dirty Pool.

But then I found out there was another writer named Glenn Woods and that was the end of that. I’ve got another pseudonym I haven’t used yet but I’ll keep it secret just in case. Sometimes I write things so horrible I don’t want my name attached to it, both in content and quality. Maybe I should’ve done that with this blog post.

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